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Voïvodfan Spotlight : Black Cloud

Today, our very own VFN star reporter, Nia Banfield, sat down with former Voivod blower bass man, Blacky, to get the inside scoop on recent rumours and to find out about his latest side project, Black Cloud.

Thanks for joining us today, Blacky. As you can guess, we're all very excited to have you here in the studio.

I'm very glad to be here too.

Blacky, it's been over ten years since you played bass with the Montréal metal band, Voivod, but we hear that you are hitting the stage again. What's bringing you out of blower bass retirement?

My first manager, Maurice Richard, contacted me and proposed that I get back on stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the thrash metal scene in Québec. We had a few discussions and decided to put together an all star thrash metal tribute band, "Black Cloud."

That sounds very exciting! But aren't you nervous about playing live again? I guess what I'm trying to say is, aren't the bass strings a little rusty by now?

It's not a question of being nervous, I know I can still deliver! But I am a little worried about whether there's still a public for thrash metal. What if no one shows up???

*laughs* I'm sure someone will show up Blacky. You do have relatives, don't you? I'm just kidding, of course.

*laughs* Well I'm the only old rag in the band, the other members are mostly in their 20's and still have fans who will come to see them even if they don't have a clue about who I am!

So who are the other members that will be in this thrash super group with you?

Pat, who is the singer for Ghoulunatics, Pierre, the guitarist from Obliveon, Dan, the guitarist from Martyr, and last but not least, Flo, the drummer from Cryptopsy.

I'm curious about the name "Black Cloud" - where does that come from?

The name was originally an inside joke from my days in Voivod. I had a reputation for having a bad temper. So after I left the band, it was said that the 'black cloud had lifted'.

You don't seem too scary to me, Blacky! Maybe it's because you're not wearing those studded bracelets anymore. Speaking of Voivod, I've heard a rumour that you are desperate to rejoin the band. Is this true?

*laughs* No. It would have been fun to play a show with them, but the guys are very busy recording a new album.

So what kind of material can we expect to hear from Black Cloud?

We'll be playing songs from Slayer, Venom, Motorhead, Metallica, Celtic Frost and of course, Voivod.

And when and where will you be performing?

We'll be at the Medely in Montréal on the 9th of November.

Any plans for a Black Cloud tour?

Unfortunately not at the moment.

That's too bad. Maybe we can get a video from the show for our out of town VFN viewers. I see you've brought the legendary blower bass with you today Blacky, any chance I can get some tips from the master?

Sure, no problem.

Thanks, Blacky! ..... Woah, this is a lot harder than it looks! But I must admit I feel very cool with your custom bass.

That's understandable, most people do feel cooler the first time they strap on a Liberatore guitar. It's a little difficult in the beginning, but with some practice it gets easier. Here, I'll show you. You just need to play with a little more attack.

Well thanks for the lesson and the Black Cloud news update Blacky. Remember you heard it first on VFN. Stay tuned for more up to the minute breaking stories!