Old School Voivod Pics
Germany 1986* Piggy and Away 1986* see note 1. Blacky 1986* see note 1. Voivod 1986* see note 2.
Voivod with Slayer* Voivod with Slayer* Voivod 1984* Voivod 1985*
Voivod 1986* Voivod 1986* Voivod 1987* Snake*

*Thanks The Outcast, *thanks skulhed, *thanks Vacarmes

1. I used to do a Radio Show here in town. The show was called Blaspheme on CKIA FM96.1 and I included two pictures of the guys when they were interviewed for my show. You can see Blacky with his long black hair and the other one Away & Piggy who's eating some peanuts. ~Vacarmes
2. an original and rare b/w picture of the band taken by Ronald McGregor. Back in '86 area I used to do a fanzine called Mega-Thrash, and this picture was printed with the article I made about K.T. album & tour. ~Vacarmes