WW III  - Various pictures taken at the famous 1985 Montreal concert.

1985 - Very rare pictures of Voivod in thier first rehersal place - in the basement of Snake's parent's insurance company business! Jonquiere.

Various pics - Some magazine photos of Snake (1986) and a Iron gang   scan.

Snake returns! - Pictures of the first live show featuring the return of Snake. Hamilton, Ontario 2002.

Voivod shirts - Pictures of Voivod shirts through the years.

Blacky - Old evil photo of Blacky.

1985 Metal KO - Metal KO magazine scans from 1985.

1987 Germany - Nice scenic photo of Voivod in the Bavarian Alps, 1987.

1985 Poster - 1985  le Journal de Montreal newspaper two page poster.

Promo pics - six of 'em *NEW*(11/04/02)

Misc. Scans - Various old '80s magazine scans.

Blower Bass Sound - Blacky describes in detail his Bass gear and setup.

More old rare Voivod pictures.

**NEW** Rare scans - old newspapers (French), posters, stickers.

**NEW** Piggy's letters - a bit of a personal touch.

Old photos, articles, promo stuff - provided by Destroy, Voivod's original Iron Gang secretary in Jonquière.